In what follows, I share seven high-impact funding techniques that smaller, and perhaps even larger, funders who seek more leverage can deploy. These techniques are broadly applicable across multiple sectors and strategies, as we’ve learned through discussions with other funders and funding recipients. Each of the techniques will be introduced by a conversation between Bill and me, starting with the exchange recounted above. (The conversations are not word for word, but they give the gist of discussions we had.)

  1. Flexible Funding for Aligned Practitioners
  2. Internal Advocacy for Aligning Practitioners
  3. Backing a Coordination Hub
  4. Common Goods for Social Innovators
  5. High-Risk Impact Investments
  6. Proactive Engagement With Other Funders
  7. Changing the Debate

Read the full article about making an impact by Louis C. Boorstin at Stanford Social Innovation Review.