By partnering with these advisors, foundations can maximize their impact, improve their operations, and navigate the complex landscape of philanthropy with confidence. In this blog, I have highlighted 20 ways they can support and strengthen your organization.

1. Formulating your strategy.

2. Implementing your strategy.

3. Identifying your top priorities.

4. Starting a foundation.

5. Identifying your funding interests.

6. Sunsetting a foundation.

7. Creating a succession plan.

8. Assessing and improving organizational culture.

9. Eliminating strategic friction that slows funders down.

10. Unifying the foundation’s leadership team.

11. Strengthening and aligning boards.

12. Coaching and advising foundation leaders.

13. Facilitating collaboration and partnerships with other organizations.

14. Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance.

15. Providing guidance on grantmaking processes and best practices.

16. Conducting due diligence on potential grantees.

17. Identifying opportunities for capacity building and technical assistance.

18. Evaluating and refining grantmaking portfolios.

19. Promoting inclusion, diversity, equity, and access within the foundation and its grantmaking.

20. Advising on ethical considerations and responsible philanthropy.

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