In its violent and unlawful invasion of Ukraine, Russia has launched indiscriminate attacks against civilians and the places where they gather, including hospitals, schools, and humanitarian corridors. Thousands of civilians, including children, have been killed and many more injured. Thousands more are in danger of dying in besieged areas cut off from water, food, and electricity. Almost five million refugees have already fled the country, while nearly eight million are internally displaced within Ukraine. Millions more remain at grave risk.

The global spotlight on and solidarity with Ukrainians have been inspiring, with governments, organizations, and individuals rallying in support of Ukraine and its vast humanitarian needs. Still, philanthropic funders can do more and do better to alleviate suffering in Ukraine, meet humanitarian imperatives, and support justice and accountability in several key areas of need.

Here we offer six approaches that should guide where and how philanthropic organizations can support human rights, health, and well-being in Ukraine:

  1. Provide humanitarian and medical assistance—without discrimination.
  2. Build capacity for documenting mass crimes.
  3. Build cases by pursuing accountability for attacks on civilian infrastructure.
  4. Respond to rape in war with survivor-centered care.
  5. Support Ukrainians and all people who flee persecution equitably.
  6. Empower Ukrainian professionals and foster coordination

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