During the pandemic, racial reckoning, and election last year, it became obvious just how important local news is to communities around the country. Despite their own financial troubles, local news outlets are providing vital, life-saving information, recently becoming a lifeline with vaccine distribution information. And they have proven to be trusted sources of info as social media platforms have been flooded with misinformation and false rumors.

So while it might be the worst of times for the business of local news, it’s also the best time for local foundations and high net-worth individuals to step up to support them. These publishers have shown their mettle and the time is right for funders to help make them sustainable and give them a boost during a time when these donations can make the greatest difference. Doing so will pay back dividends in the community by increasing political accountability, empowering voters with civic information and shedding light on issues funders care about.

Here are some stories to help funders get up to speed on supporting local news:

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