Over decades, across pervasive situations like the above, you’ve worn the sector down to a ragtag band of passionate fighters who never have what they need to fully fight against injustice. While right-wing forces had everything at their disposal to do their work, we have been left wasting time trying to prove ourselves by jumping through the various ridiculous hoops that many of you, even the nice funders, insisted we jump through, to get tiny, restricted one-year grants that we had to use on issues you determined were important. Activists on the front lines have been screaming into the wind before burning out and leaving the sector.

If funders who claim to be aligned with equity and justice want to be helpful, here, again, are some things we need you to do:

  • Fund abortion orgs.
  • Fund organizing and mobilizing.
  • Fund voting rights.
  • Rethink your strategic plans.
  • Get political.
  • Create legal defense funds for progressive activists.
  • Give multi-year, general operating funds.
  • Fund outside your geographic area also.
  • Collaborate with trusted intermediaries so you can get funds out faster.
  • Increase your payout now.

Read the full article about how funders can support reproductive rights and justice by Vu Le at Nonprofit AF.