When we talk about disability, equity is key. That is, ensuring that all people get what they need in order to succeed and excel.The part that is all too often missed is really giving people with disabilities the opportunity to shine their light and talent on the world, and including them in spaces where they are allowed to develop their skills, education, and experience. They deserve it just as much as anyone else.

By providing a tailored education program for our participants, we break down the barriers of entry to the industry, provide a safe environment for learning, build skills and forge partnerships with established production companies to create an inclusive creative industry.

One amazing group in Australia that is doing this, and that I cannot talk highly enough about, is Bus Stop Films.

Co-Founded and run by CEO Genevieve Clay-Smith, Bus Stop aims to provide inclusive film-making education, where specialised classes are designed so that the students, all of whom have a disability, can learn about and be a part of all stages of the film-making process – from concept, script writing, filming, acting, directing and editing. Through this, the groups also using film-making as a tool for social change.

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