President Ramaphosa has revealed the government’s plan to boost South Africa’s economy in a speech during parliament proceedings on Thursday. Within this plan, the president has put measures in place to develop women’s skills and capabilities, and to boost businesses that are run by women.

The Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan, as it was officially named by the government, is a direct reaction to the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the country’s economy.

The two biggest factors that have been plaguing South Africa’s economy this year are the rapid rise in unemployment and government-linked corruption.

President Ramaphosa specified that there would be a particular focus on women’s businesses and capabilities when it comes to strengthening the economy.

Here’s how the Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan aims to empower women:

1. Government will support women-empowered companies

The government has planned to put a large part of its finances behind small and medium enterprises across the country.

An essential part of this mission will be the focus on growing women-run enterprises in an effort to promote the end of gender inequality in the country.

2. Calling on South Africans to support women’s businesses

As the president called on every South African to support local products and services before and during the incoming festive season, he made a point to highlight that women’s businesses, small businesses, and township enterprises should be the first priority.

3. Creation of ownership and production opportunities for women in different industries

These include the digital economy, forestry, agriculture, creative industries, aerospace and defence, renewable energy, steel and metal fabrication, and furniture.

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