State education leaders across the nation are debating the most effective ways to maximize learning time for students after a prolonged year of classroom closures, with many considering extended summer programming, intensive tutoring programs, and other interventions.

Similarly, parents are also split on what will be best for their children’s progress. The 74’s Linda Jacobson specifically highlights a number of states considering bills to allow parents the choice to have their child repeat a grade, a trend seen as national survey data from the CDC shows parents’ skepticisms about remote learning continue to build. For lawmakers, parents, and educators — who are also, of course, grappling with the implications of the pandemic on their craft — the nearing end of this school year is making apparent just how much COVID-19 might alter the course of public education in the U.S.

Here are eight other updates from across the country about how states and school systems are confronting the challenges posed by the coronavirus emergency — and working to preserve student learning amid the pandemic:

  • CONNECTICUT – Remote Learning Brings Four-Fold Increase in ‘F’ Rates
  • COLORADO – State Proposals Seek to Address Rising Mental Health Needs
  • MICHIGAN – Some Schools Reverse Course on Reopening Plans After Spike in Transmission
  • IOWA – Virtual School Prepares For Fall Launch
  • ILLINOIS – Three Year Grant Program Will Expand Community Health Services
  • MASSACHUSETTS – Boston Schools Delay Reopening, Others Aim for Early May
  • CALIFORNIA – Schools Prioritize Mental Health Services in School Reopening
  • CONNECTICUT – New Task Force Aims to Help School Recovery, Looks at Summer Learning

Read the full article about addressing COVID-19 slide by Linda Jacobson at The 74.