This week Fluxx co-founder and host of the Untapped Philanthropy podcast, Kerrin Mitchell, sits down with funder technologist, futurist, (and former Fluxxer) Sam Caplan, to explore the accelerated change of funders and technology. Together they examine the role technology must play in building more equitable giving communities and discuss the role technologists play in driving change.

Sam Caplan has held many technology leadership roles in philanthropy. He’s the former Chief Information Officer of the Walton Family Foundation, and prior to that served as the Director of Technology and Data Analytics for the Walmart Foundation. His obsession with technology’s role in giving started early in his career and is in large part what makes him a fascinating and sought-after speaker and writer for Tech for Good.

As he shares in this episode of Untapped Philanthropy, Sam has always made a point to regularly meet with grantmaking technologists of varying backgrounds throughout his career in order to better understand the critical role that technology plays in giving. As he examines the future of philanthropy, he hopes to see technology become more democratized as organizations increasingly leverage APIs to connect best-in-class solutions.

At the same time, he hopes to see funders let down their guardrails, and is eager for the day that “nonprofits have the opportunity to develop their proposals and have them viewable by a wide audience via a nonprofit marketplace. I'm super interested in finding ways that we can better use technology to match these proposals with the most likely funders, just to find ways to reduce all the administrative burden that nonprofits have to go through just to be able to get grant dollars,” Sam said.

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