Untapped Philanthropy the primary driver of true innovation and success in any DEI or technology initiative is partnership, communication, and support from collaborative groups. We all want to evolve our work to meet the needs of societies around the world. But without partnership philanthropy will continue to operate through a fragmented lens. And as an industry built by communities for communities — we simply can’t let that happen.

Satonya Fair is a philanthropy visionary and industry strategist who currently serves as the President and CEO of PEAK Grantmaking — a thriving organization of 6000+ grants professionals working together towards equitable, effective grantmaking practices.

This week she and Fluxx co-founder, Kerrin Mitchell, kick off season two of the Untapped Philanthropy podcast. Satonya reflects on her storied career in foundations and nonprofits, shares her thoughts on leadership and DEI, and the implications technology has on the work of thousands of grantmakers.

Satonya has described philanthropy tech as less about the technology itself, and more about learning from grantmakers and giving credit where credit is due.

“If you take all the technology away I still need to make grants. If I am in charge of grants management at X organization, and there's no computer, if there's no anything, I still have to fund these grant investments,” Satonya said. “The key is that I get that done. And you can create the technology that helps me, but give me credit for giving you the blueprint for how we need to do the work. And I'm going to give you credit that you created the technology.”

This chicken or the egg query, if you will, of funder and technologist is something Kerrin is all too familiar with. Together both philanthropy leaders explore the concept of partnership in philanthropy, and how this informs everything from DEI to grantmaking and grantseeking.

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