Giving Compass' Take:

· Rebecca Ruiz explains how the Trump administration's 'abstinence-only-until-marriage' approach has affected the way schools teach sex education throughout the country. 

· What information is included in sex education classes where you live? Does this sex education teach students about important topics like consent?

· Read about how states are teaching sex education today.

When Americans talk about sex ed, it's typically as a punch line. But the awkward laughter distracts us from a less humorous reality: Sex ed is an ideological battle for a small but vocal group of Americans who believe that abstinence until marriage is the only right approach.

The long-simmering conflict, decades in the making, escalated rapidly once Donald Trump took office and appointed abstinence-only-until-marriage partisans to administration positions where they could influence the federal government's priorities for sex ed.

That might seem so far removed from what happens in America's classrooms that it's inconsequential. Indeed, states, counties, districts, and schools determine what students are taught. But the federal government plays a critical role when those players don't have the will or resources to ensure that young people learn about sexual health. The government can also

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