Giving Compass' Take:

• Global Citizen reports on 12-year-old Yekaba from Ethiopia, who bravely took charge of her future and through support and access to information and training, stopped herself from being a victim of child marriage. 

• Gender inequality, tradition, and displacement perpetuate child marriage in Ethiopia. How can donors play a role in ending this? 

• Learn about educations role for girls to protect themselves against child marriage. 

Unlike many girls in Ethiopia, Yekaba got the chance to stop her own child marriage at the age of 12.

She didn’t let fear stop her from speaking up against the cultural norms and barriers in place that were working against her opportunities to succeed. With support from her family and school, Yekaba was able to take control of her future and envision an independent life for herself. Now, she’s educating her community to help end the practice.

“I would’ve been married by now and expecting a baby sometime soon, if it wasn’t for the training I’ve received,” Yekaba explains in a vide released by the organization Plan International on March 6.

Read the full article on how this brave Ethiopian teen stopped her own child marriage by Leah Rodriguez at Global Citizen