Continually striving for growth is an important focus for nonprofit managers. If they want to secure funding and support, they'll need to show how their organization can keep improving and developing the community they are operating in. From small projects to large initiatives, managers need to view each action like it can have a huge impact on the future of the nonprofit.

Nonprofit leaders can cultivate a growth mindset in a few different ways. Ten members from Forbes Nonprofit Council share how they pursue growth within their nonprofit to give you some ideas.

  1. Garner An Open Mind
  2. Invest In Yourself
  3. Make Improvements Daily
  4. Learn From Others' Setbacks
  5. Embrace The Nonprofit's Vision And Mission
  6. Engage With People Focused On Solving Problems
  7. Make Connections With Like-Minded People
  8. Develop Your Critical Thinking And Be Curious
  9. Think Big
  10. Remove Self-Limiting Beliefs

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