The strength and sustainability of a philanthropic foundation are often directly linked to the effectiveness of its governance. Trustees and CEOs of grant-making foundations face the critical challenge of ensuring a vibrant and effective board, capable of navigating the complexities of philanthropic endeavors while staying true to the mission.

Effective board member succession is paramount in maintaining this vitality, preventing stagnation, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement and adaptation. Here are ten transformative tactics to address these challenges, ensuring your foundation's governance remains robust and responsive.

  • Implement Term Limits
  • Stagger Board Terms
  • Craft a Respectful Exit Strategy
  • Formalize a Succession Plan
  • Launch a Board Mentorship Program
  • Champion Board Diversity and Inclusion
  • Conduct Regular Evaluations
  • Establish an Advisory Council
  • Prioritize Continuous Education
  • Foster Open Communication Channels

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