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• Sarah Welch explains why and how donors should take time this giving season to prepare for year-round giving in 2019.

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While this is a positive development in the world of philanthropy, #GivingTuesday is still just one day. What I’ve heard throughout my work in the charitable giving space is that many people wish they could be better donors on the other 364 days of the year too. Yet there are few similar “moments” tailored toward giving to remind us to donate during other months. So this year, after making your #GivingTuesday donations, here are three steps informed by our work in charitable giving that you can take to extend the day’s impact way beyond Tuesday, and set yourself up to be a generous, intentional, and informed giver all year long in 2019.

Generous: Decide how much you want to give throughout an entire year.

You’ve likely considered how much you want to give to a friend’s online fundraiser, to a disaster relief fund, or to an organization that specifically solicits your donation through mail, email, text message, or in person. But how often do you consider the total amount you wish to donate over the course of a whole year?

Intentional: Which issues matter most to you?

Once you know how much to give, the fun part can begin—deciding how to use your money and make a difference.

Informed: Select organizations that are making a difference.

While 85% of donors say an organization’s performance is important to them, only 3% actually give based on a charity’s relative performance.

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