Volunteers play a critical role in nonprofit organizations. Their commitment to offering assistance and dedicating time to their communities helps these organizations make significant headway on set goals. Consequently, the energy involved in maintaining these efforts can take its toll and result in volunteers eventually becoming less engaged in supporting the mission of a nonprofit.

With the right approach, nonprofits can maintain the support of volunteers for the long term. To help, 18 Forbes Nonprofit Council members each share one strategy nonprofit leaders can leverage to ensure their volunteers remain enthusiastic and engaged in the work they do for nonprofits.

  1. Determine What Volunteers Want From The Experience
  2. Actively Listen
  3. Provide Regular Communications And Feedback
  4. Give Them Ownership
  5. Show The Impact Of Their Work
  6. Make Them ‘Insiders’
  7. Maintain A Volunteer Mentor Network
  8. Help Volunteers Feel Proud Of Being Involved
  9. Show Gratitude
  10. Center The Mission
  11. Invite Them To Share Their Stories Online
  12. Connect Them To The Beneficiaries
  13. Provide Context For The Work They Do
  14. Personalize The Experience
  15. Align The Work With Their Interests
  16. Ask For Their Input
  17. Ensure The Work Is Manageable
  18. Recognize Their Efforts Publicly

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