A key to growing a successful nonprofit organization is prioritizing the company’s expansion into new markets. Finding different markets keeps a fresh influx of potential customers coming in, as well as potentially diversifying a company’s audience.

However, stepping into a new market means trying to integrate past audience demographics you already know with the new market demographics, which are less familiar.

It can often be difficult for nonprofits to target new audiences with effective marketing, while also being sensitive to the older and newer cultures now included in their target audience.

Below, we asked eight members of Forbes Nonprofit Council for their best ways to help marketing teams retain sensitivity toward different cultures while crafting a message. Their best answers are below:

  • Work With Trusted Partners
  • Diversify The Marketing Team
  • Walk In Their Shoes
  • Develop Cultural Competence
  • Do Thorough Research
  • Start By Listening
  • Work With Cultural Interpreters
  • Stick To The Basics

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