Giving Compass' Take:

• Here are three ways to start your social impact career and drive solutions forward for equitable results.

• How can you work on social impact opportunities in your community?

• Learn how to find a more impactful job

Contemporary entrepreneurship requires a keen sense of doing right while doing well. At the core of successful social enterprises are individuals focused on discovering desirable, and equitable, solutions for the benefit of the public. Careers in entrepreneurship and social impact are available in a variety of organizations, from NFPs, to corporate social responsibility (CSR) departments in corporations, to entrepreneurial ventures started by individuals passionate about a cause. As the field of impact investing also continues to support cause-driven initiatives, so will opportunities for joining–or creating–new social impact ventures.

Whether you are looking to get started in your social impact career, emerge as a leader in an existing organization, or scale a social impact business of your own, here are three ways to position yourself for professional success.

  1. Identify and build your skills. Effective leaders will often turn to design thinking methodologies to answer the complex problems the world is facing. Skills in design thinking, social justice, business design, team management, and leadership are especially important in social impact fields, which have high stakes and the potential to affect people of many different backgrounds.
  2. Search for social impact careers through cause-driven platforms. Opportunities for work in social impact are abundant if you know just where to look. prides itself on its listings for nonprofit, volunteer, and full-time positions dedicated to job-seekers striving to make a difference. Their blog, Idealist Careers, offers an online collection of inspiring and useful content revolving around social impact.
  3. Stay informed about current industry trends. Keeping abreast of industry trends will help you during interviews at your dream social impact job, in making the case for advancement at your current organization, or in launching your own social impact venture. But how do you stay informed of everything else happening in the social impact and entrepreneurship space?

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