Students are grouped in small cohorts (or essentially small communities), each with a bonding name like Unity or Liberty. Cohorts collaborate to tackle problems, support each other, and collaborate on projects. “One Student at a Time” is the mission. Learning through internships or learning through interest is how it is done at The Met.

Advisors and mentors are rooted in the PBL process at The Met. They support and guide students through initiating and defining a project idea and then through project management, determining how to use proposals, planners, and timelines to work on deliverables. They also work with students throughout the year, having regular check-in meetings and asking students how they are assessing their own progress, time, and work outcomes.

As a result of collaborating with people in the real world and presenting to large groups, through HQPBL The Met students also experience trials that force them to become effective leaders and know how to be professional in the field. PBL at The Met also includes collaboration and opportunity for peer-to-peer feedback and critique. Students frequently receive feedback from mentors, experts, and university professors.