I believe most investments in Latin America should be considered impact investments if they’re creating jobs, training employees, and seeding the next generation of entrepreneurs, while not creating an extractive business model.

We’ll be investing $15 million into 60 companies across Latin America with Magma Fund II and our goal is for all of them to build teams in countries across Latin America, while targeting clients from around the world.

Magma II will follow Magma I’s investment thesis, supporting two types of companies: startups with their tech and or sales teams in Latin America, but that target the world (ideally the US market), and fintech, insurance tech, and blockchain startups that target the Latin American market.

They will have impact by building teams, creating good, high-paying jobs, and most importantly, transferring tech industry knowledge from global markets into Latin America by allowing entrepreneurs and team members to work on cutting-edge technology.

We also believe that many of the companies we’ve invested in are solving real problems for both the region and the world, even if they wouldn’t be considered an impact investment by all traditional standards.

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