Sweet Livity’s mission — “Values toward wellness” — guides its business model and services, based on years of community development work in diverse urban and rural communities.

The company has two bases in Richmond, California, and Miami, Florida, and offers coaching and wellness programs to help people and organizations who serve the community to do their jobs to the fullest.

Diana Marie Lee founded Sweet Livity in 2011, and a year later it became a Certified B Corporation. That same year, her friend Taij Kumarie Moteelall launched Standing in Our Power, a social justice network of women and girls of color who offer transformative leadership development. “Through Sweet Livity, Lee has been a partner and co-creator of programs and projects with Standing in Our Power since 2012,” Moteelall says. “Together, we have co-designed and co-facilitated several national and regional leadership programs for cis and transgender women of color, and gender nonconforming people of color.”

Fast-forward to September 2017, when Sweet Livity joined the B Corp Inclusive Economy Challenge. As part of the challenge, the company launched a yearlong Train-the-Trainer Institute, or T3, which offers leadership development and wellness programming to trans women of color and gender nonconforming people of color in Sweet Livity’s trainer network to help them become stronger facilitators and coaches, able to create empowering spaces of their own.

“Sweet Livity could help them learn how to apply the healing practices that we apply in our work to their own organizations or enterprises, and to look at how, as a group, we could start supporting each other.”

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