Data and numbers can point to important lessons for philanthropy, however, the voices of Indigenous leaders and stakeholders are vital if philanthropy is to improve its impact and its practices in Indigenous communities.

Although no two communities are alike, the devastating impacts of COVID-19 continue to illuminate similar needed resources in rural, urban, and on/off reservation communities.

Our report highlights discussions from Indigenous leaders about how they quickly pivoted their work to raise, organize, and distribute resources to their communities. Indigenous leaders on the frontlines, in both the nonprofit and private sectors, led with their cultural values to support their communities.

To better understand the wide range of Indigenous-led efforts and their approach to meeting their community needs during the COVID-19 crisis, we interviewed community leaders from these perspectives:

  • Relatives, Relations, and Support Networks
  • Food Systems
  • Urban Centers and Communities
  • Youth Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business

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