Giving Compass' Take:

• Zelig Lee shares insights for policymakers from the AVPN Conference 2018, where collaboration was a central subject of conversation. 

• What are the potential difficulties of collaboration? How can foundations identify partners for collaboration? 

• Learn about successful public-private partnerships

At the AVPN Conference 2018, around 200 policy practitioners and social investors attended the two Policy Showcases organized by the AVPN Asia Policy Forum (APF). The Policy Showcase is a new feature in this year’s conference, curated in response to feedback from AVPN’s policy community on the kinds of policy initiatives they wish to learn about. The Policy Showcases featured eight speakers across six countries in Asia, from government agencies to intermediaries and think-tanks. These speakers shared lessons learnt from diverse policy innovations and their experiences in developing the social economy in their respective countries. Speakers also had the opportunity to crowdsource ideas through discussions.

The policy showcases and workshops collectively signify AVPN’s strategy of integrating policy as a critical element in discussions of shaping social investment ecosystems in Asia, with the theme of “Policy Innovations to Maximise Impact”. As such, these sessions were also integrated into the overall programming of the AVPN Conference for the first time, where policy sessions were held on a separate day in previous conferences.

  • Urgent need for collective ownership, alignment for social impact
  • Policy can work with private and third sector more closely for innovative resources
  • Patience and Openness are important yet hard-won factors that lead to impactful cross sector collaboration

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