Giving Compass' Take:

 • Multiple organizations — in partnership with the Foundation Center — have committed a quarter of a million dollars to fund a new Native American-focused web portal, aiming to make grantmaking to the Native community more dynamic and robust.

• We should always be looking for knowledge shares and better data when it comes to social investments; keep an eye on this effort and how it will boost philanthropic efforts for Native causes.

• Here's how we can expand opportunities for Native American youth through giving.

Native Americans in Philanthropy (NAP) recently announced that over $250,000 in funding has been committed to build a dynamic, Native-centered web portal in partnership with Foundation Center. The portal will contain an interactive funding map, grants data, news stories, research, funder insights, historical context, and other information to enable users to determine what philanthropic funding to Native people and issues currently looks like, research best practices in inclusive and strategic grantmaking rooted in Native values, and learn about Native history and issues as critical context for decision-making.

With $250,000 from the Bush Foundation, Henry Luce Foundation, and Northwest Area Foundation, work is already underway. The partnership will spark sector-wide visibility on the need for investment in Native communities, increase collaboration and effectiveness across groups working on Native issues, and serve as a go-to resource for the philanthropic sector on Native funding. It will also provide an invaluable service for nonprofits and individuals seeking support for Native programs and services. It will build on the population-specific knowledge of NAP and Foundation Center’s respected data platform.

“Native philanthropy matters not only to Native peoples or a small niche of foundations, but to society as a whole,” said Sarah Eagle Heart, CEO of NAP. “Nevertheless, there remain significant funding gaps, and philanthropic investment in Indian Country remains disproportionately low. This portal will be a useful tool for funders that drives more investments in Indian Country from a broad and growing funder network committed to supporting Native issues and people.”

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