A report published by The Global Alliance for the Future of Food and Transformational Investing in Food Systems (TIFS) Initiative reveals that social and environmental investments create sustainable, equitable, and resilient food systems.

The report, Mobilizing Money and Movements: Creative Finance for Food Systems Transformation, urges impact investors to strengthen food systems by supporting entrepreneurs, farmers, activists, and social justice movements. The report builds on the Global Alliance’s Beacons of Hope project, and highlights six global organizations driving food systems change through creative investment strategies.

Lauren Baker, Deputy Director of the Global Alliance for the Future of Food, says that these organizations “illustrate the nature of investments that can create healthy, nutritious food systems, promote soil health, and curb climate change.”

Educe Cooperativa (Educe Coop), for example, is a Fair Trade and organic certified honey cooperative. These certifications allow Educe Coop to preserve cultural heritage, increase biodiversity, and invest in their beekeeper members. Another creative example is the Municipality of Copenhagen’s commitment to stock all public kitchens with 90 percent organic products. This helps achieve social and environmental objectives while improving the quality of meals served in public institutions.

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