Giving Compass' Take:

· This report from The Aspen Institute focuses on the annual Aspen-Nicholas Water Forum and solutions to critical issues in the water sector brought to light by the pandemic.

· How is the US working to provide sufficient and equal access to water across the country? 

· Check out this article about finding solutions for water inequality.

The annual Aspen-Nicholas Water Forum, a collaborative initiative between the Aspen Institute Energy and Environment Program and the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions at Duke University, serves as a platform for addressing domestic water challenges in the 21st century. While the May Forum was postponed until participants can safely convene in person, the group met on May 28th for the first of a series of virtual meetings in order to address the critical issues and solutions in the water sector brought to light by the pandemic.

The 2020 Aspen-Nicholas Water Forum Virtual Session on Water Affordability and Equity explored whether, and how, the US can ensure that water is available at sufficient quantity, safe quality, and affordable price across a variety of uses.

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