Giving Compass' Take:

• Luxembourg is going to start providing free transportation. Although the reasons for this new law may not be purely environmental, the effects may help fight air pollution and climate change, writes Global Citizens. 

• Could Luxembourg provide a model for other EU countries? What will be the economic impacts of free transportation?

Here's how we can approach America's transportation dilemma.

Traveling across Luxembourg is about to get a lot easier for people without cars after Prime Minister Xavier Bettel signalled on Dec. 5 that his ruling coalition will soon make free public transportation the law of the land, according to the New York Times.

Although the measure will be great for the environment and helps people tight on money, the primary reason for the action is the country’s vexing levels of traffic, the Times reports.

Luxembourg has the highest car per capita rate in all of Europe and its rate of international commuters doubled over the past decade. The country’s population swells by a third during the week because of workers from abroad, the Guardian notes. As a result, rush hour roads teem with cars, becoming a constant headache for urban dwellers and people who live in border villages, and costing drivers upwards of 33 hours of their lives per year.

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