Giving Compass' Take:

• Philanthropist Scott Storick gives some advice on how to embed giving into a private company's philosophy, whether it's instilling more employee volunteerism or engaging with local charities.

• Being more socially conscious is becoming the norm now in the business world, but it's still a difficult thing to get right. This perspective should provide some guidance for those still unsure of the landscape.

• Read about why Corporate Social Responsibility is a competitive advantage.

Corporate Philanthropy is not just the realm of wealthy individuals and global corporations. No matter what size business you can benefit from instilling philanthropy as part of your company culture. Not only will you be helping out the community your business serves but you will also be giving your employees a sense of contribution and self-satisfaction.

Volunteer Together
Plan quarterly or monthly volunteering events for your team. By getting out in a group you not only foster a sense of community within your company but you also make your brand more visible to the community at large.

Participate In Community Projects
Many of your employees will have pet projects or charities that they are passionate about in the local community. This will give you company exposure as well as shedding a light on needs and concerns of your community.

Donate Your Time Or Expertise
You do not have to just donate money to charities. You can donate your time or professional expertise. If you are a consultant, you might consider holding classes for adults getting back into the job market. Or donate some of your company’s products to local charities in need.

Read the full article on corporate philanthropy by Scott Storick at Medium.