A framework has been created to help business to embrace ambitious, purpose-led, courageous leadership to shape the economy, instead of merely responding to problems. The innovative guide has emerged from research by Cambridge University’s Institute for Sustainability Leadership, which concluded that businesses had always lacked the means to grasp the opportunities to change attitudes.

Climate change and wealth inequality are among threats to business and society for which novel solutions are available if business directors and executives take the lead, says the institute’s report.

The institute gives the example of Anglo American, the UK-based multinational, which has introduced a purpose-led strategy. The company’s new approach seeks new ways to make mining safer, more efficient and more sustainable and to minimize its environmental effects. The institute says its guidance, called the Cambridge Impact Leadership Model, would give all leaders opportunities to nurture innovation, manage risk and exert influence wherever they work to reach society’s broader goals.

The model stipulates that leadership is motivated by the conviction that business success goes together with delivering social and environmental outcomes, that it is built on thinking, values and practice to hit those targets, and that it continually reflects and adapts and holds itself accountable to deliver.

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