As a nonprofit organization, it is important to be engaged and relevant to the community that you are located in. By becoming an active member in the local area, not only can you increase the recognition of your organization, but you can also meet the people that make up the very community you operate in. These people are your very direct base of volunteers and donors, and your nonprofit needs to recognize them and appreciate their efforts in supporting your cause.

To stay true to your local roots, nine members of Forbes Nonprofit Council recommend ways you can better engage with your community and get the volunteers and donations your nonprofit needs.

Here is what they shared:

  • Encourage Discussion To Forge Relationships
  • Participate In Local Events
  • Be A Partner For Your Community
  • Target The Leaders On The Ground
  • Use Your Space To Inform Your Neighbors
  • Leverage The Community For Knowledge
  • Let Ambassadors Lead The Way
  • Be Consistent And Get Involved
  • Create Mutually Beneficial Opportunities

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