America’s economy may be showing signs of a rebound, but we need to consider the possibility that the election may have a short- or long-term impact on the slow but steady progress we’ve been seeing. Our country should be thinking creatively about how to stimulate the economy in 2021, and our veteran entrepreneurs are poised to be a much-needed catalyst. But they will need the unmitigated support of our nonprofit leaders to have an impact.

One of the best ways nonprofit leaders can support veteran entrepreneurs is by reaching them at the local level. Every year, my organization, the PenFed Foundation, conducts a study of the top U.S. cities for veteran entrepreneurs. The study analyzes data from dozens of government databases, census information, private foundations and the Department of Veterans Affairs for 390 metropolitan areas across the U.S.

Our veterans and service members are two overlooked groups impacted by the pandemic. Some Americans assume that because veterans and service members get regular paychecks, disability payments or medical care they are not vulnerable to the economic impact of the pandemic. I can tell you from personal experience that this is, unfortunately, not the case.

I urge nonprofit leaders not to overlook the importance of offering assistance and funding opportunities to veteran entrepreneurs.

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