In an increasingly interconnected world, connectivity is the lifeline that bridges gaps, fosters knowledge exchange and empowers individuals to thrive in diverse socioeconomic spheres. But how is connectivity important to agricultural communities?

Endless Network, a global organization committed to addressing equity disparities, strategically invests worldwide to tackle challenges such as insufficient internet access. This article explores the impactful initiatives undertaken by 4-H, an organization supported by Endless Network. The four Hs in 4-H — Head, Heart, Hands and Health — embody values cultivated through experiential learning initiatives. 4-H's affiliation with land-grant universities, specifically through the Cooperative Extension System, also ensures a robust research and science foundation for an organization dedicated to youth development.

Recently, EdSurge spoke to Kathleen Lodl about her experiences working with 4-H. Lodl holds dual roles at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, serving as the associate dean for Nebraska Extension and the state 4-H program administrator. In that capacity, she provides leadership for youth and family programs of Nebraska Extension, a vital component of the land-grant university system, which enables access to campus-based teaching and research across Nebraska's 93 counties through 83 offices. As the administrator for 4-H, she focuses on providing non-formal, hands-on learning experiences tailored for youth ages 9 through 19, emphasizing age-appropriate activities primarily in the out-of-school space.

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