Giving Compass' Take:

· Writing for Social Velocity, Nell Edgington explains that "lack" is only a concept and to overcome that feeling, nonprofits should keep working towards their goals and believe that abundance is possible.

· How can nonprofit leaderss overcome the lack mindset engrained in their minds? Why is this important when working to build abundance?

· Read more about this topic and eliminating the nonprofit scarcity mindset.

Let’s be honest (or obvious) for a second. A feeling of lack often pervades the nonprofit sector. And it can take many forms. The list of “lacks” in the nonprofit sector is long. But the thing is, lack is a construct — especially when it comes to money.

I know the nonprofit sector lacks resources, but that’s not because those resources don’t exist. The biggest philanthropists in this country struggle to give enough money away. We could go back and forth about why this is (and many have recently), but the fact is, money exists. It may not be making its way to the nonprofits that could put it to great use, but money is there.

Nonprofit leaders have been told for so long that they are not worthy of having more, that they and their work are of less value, that they don’t deserve the level and kinds of investment that for profits enjoy. This story that we’ve been telling nonprofit leaders (and that they’ve been internalizing) for decades has resulted in an overwhelming feeling of lack in the sector.

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