I was fortunate enough to land a well paying job coming out of college. At the risk of sounding sanctimonious, I eventually realized I was making far more money than I needed. I did some research but couldn’t find a platform for getting involved in philanthropy that I was happy with, so I decided to quit my job and start Sublime Fund with the help of some friends.

Right now, it’s a website where people can set up recurring donations to all the causes that they want to support, creating a sort of charitable portfolio. Our goal is to turn more people into philanthropists.

Here are some of the ways Sublime Fund battles common issues people struggle with when deciding to donate:

  • Some people are not fully aware of issues in the first place.
    We will create a way for people to easily stay informed about the topics they care about and to discover new ones.
  • It can be hard to figure out who to donate to.
    We will create a user-friendly matching system to help guide donors to the charities that are best for them. Almost like a dating app for philanthropy.
  • Some people are worried that their donations will be wasted.
    While charities certainly vary in their effectiveness, we will create personalized reports in the future so that our users know what their charities are specifically working on.

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