Giving Compass' Take:

• Nonprofit Common Impact created Pro Bono Perspectives, a social impact podcast that aims to inspire people to take action and become changemakers in their communities. 

• How can story sharing and open dialogue be an excellent foundation to encourage people to participate in social change work?

• Read about how to promote social change effectively. 

Common Impact, a nonprofit that pioneered corporate skills-based volunteering, is launching a new podcast – Pro Bono Perspectives. Hosted by CEO Danielle Holly, Pro Bono Perspectives is the latest in a series of Common Impact initiatives focused on showcasing the people, organizations and ideas that are shaping new models for purpose-driven work.

As millennials and Generation Z professionals are determined to make significant social impact through their careers, this workforce demographic shift offers an opportunity to rethink how corporate responsibility practitioners – or really, all and any professionals, for that matter – can engage at work and in their community to create sustainable positive change. Skills-based volunteerism is a growing engagement model that can bridge the professional development and community impact gap for the next generation of leaders.

TriplePundit recently caught up with Danielle Holly to learn more about this series.

3p: Who should listen to this podcast, and why?

DH: Pro Bono Perspectives was developed to inspire anyone interested in social impact. The podcast features interviews with everyday leaders from all backgrounds and provides an in-depth look at their career and how they apply their experiences to create a meaningful impact in their communities.

3p: What do you hope Common Impact can achieve with this podcast series in a year from now?

DH: Our hope is that our listeners are able to take what they heard from our podcast guests and translate that into action in their own lives – whether that means finding a new passion for social impact, activating their inner ‘intrapreneur’ within a company, or becoming a change marker in their community on an issue that gets them out of bed in the morning.

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