Giving Compass' Take:

· In this podcast, Getting Smart explains how project-based learning connects real world with deep impact and provides students with the skills and experiences they need to succeed. 

· What are some challenges associated with project-based learning?

· Learn how to succeed with project-based learning

The students in Flight by Design, an engineering and math course at Raisbeck Aviation High School in the Highline School District are immersed in a year-long project to design an airfoil. In the process, the students are learning about engineering, math, and science while also collaborating and communicating effectively with their team. Their project culminates this spring with a presentation to a group of airplane manufacturers.

From small STEM schools such as Aviation, to large comprehensive high schools such as Westwood High School in South Carolina, students are engaged in authentic and meaningful project work. Students master academic content and also hone their communication, critical thinking and collaboration, thereby promoting deeper learning outcomes for more students.

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