The emergence of trust-based philanthropy contrasts with the data- and results-driven approach of strategic philanthropy. How do donors differentiate and reconcile these two approaches? How could trust-based philanthropy help reimagine the funder-grantee relationship and address the inherent power imbalance? What does each approach mean for nonprofits, and how does this translate to donors?

SSIR publisher Michael Gordon Voss will explore answers to these questions in a conversation with Philip Li, president and CEO of the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, Nadia Roumani, a philanthropy consultant and cofounder of the Effective Philanthropy Learning Initiative at the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, and Julia Reed, director of relationship management with Schwab Charitable.

Read the full article about trust-based philanthropy by Philip Li, Nadia Roumani, Julia Reed, and Michael Vos at Stanford Social Innovation Review.