Earlier this month, I went to see a great documentary at DOCNYC about “Daily Show” co-creator Lizz Winstead’s organization, Abortion Access Front. The film, “No One Asked You,” by Ruth Leitman, was funny, full of joy and love, and captured what most of media has missed during this chaotic unraveling of abortion protections in the U.S.—the humanity of the nurses, doctors and escorts who work at abortion clinics in battleground states.

One of my main takeaways from “No One Asked You” is something that I and my colleagues at Media Impact Funders have tried to sound the alarm on for some time: The film asserts that we have ceded the narrative around abortion to those who are actively trying to take away our access to it.

Abortion is a (or THE) key issue shaping the 2024 presidential election. We cannot ignore it or write it off as a separate “women’s” issue any longer. The idea that autonomy over one’s body is a pillar of democracy is one that has been successfully challenged. We’ve lost a constitutional right to privacy. The threat to democracy is clear and present.

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