Giving Compass' Take:

• Peter Sullivan reports that health insurance and drug companies are teaming up to form the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future to oppose single-payer health care and protect their profits. 

• How can funders engage on this issue? What are the benefits and drawbacks of single-payer healthcare compared to the current system? 

• Learn about obstacles to single-payer healthcare. 

The formation of the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future is a sign of the health-care industry’s alarm over growing support for a single payer health-care law within the Democratic Party.

Health insurance and drug companies, who are often at odds on policy issues, banded together to form the group, which lobbyists say could run advertisements against single-payer plans and promote studies to undermine the idea.

Industry groups are worried that support for single-payer is quickly becoming the default position among Democrats, and they want to push back and strengthen ties to more centrist members of the party to promote alternatives.

The industry source said insurers are more focused on the 2020 race than the midterms and hope to use the new group to “splinter off the moderates” to oppose single-payer.

The health-care industry largely opposes single-payer because it would mean massive upheaval in the system and likely large financial losses for their companies.

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