Giving Compass' Take:

• This Education Dive post explores the outcomes and evidence around school counseling for children at risk of substance abuse, or who have experienced drug-related family trauma.

• How can we devote more resources to districts to hire counselors trained in this area?

• Here's the role that teachers could play in the opioid crisis.

As the nation deals with an opioid crisis, an increasing number of schools are hiring treatment counselors to not only work with students battling addiction, but those who have experienced trauma because of drug use by family members, NPR reports.

In October, Congress approved $50 million over five years to go toward mental health services in school districts where students are struggling with fallout from the opioid epidemic.

While programing that specifically targets students affected by the opioid crisis may be new, NPR points out that school counseling for students at risk of substance abuse has been known to lead to better attendance and school performance.

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