Giving Compass' Take:

• Ross Andersen at The Atlantic discusses the notion of consciousness in animals and how scientists are making more discoveries on animal cognition. 

• Could this article and the research backing it inspire more people to give back to animal causes? What can we learn about our own cognition through studying animals?

Here's an article on how to find the animal advocacy charity for you. 

Amid the human crush of Old Delhi, on the edge of a medieval bazaar, a red structure with cages on its roof rises three stories above the labyrinth of neon-lit stalls and narrow alleyways, its top floor emblazoned with two words: birds hospital.

On a hot day last spring, I removed my shoes at the hospital’s entrance and walked up to the second-floor lobby, where a clerk in his late 20s was processing patients. An older woman placed a shoebox before him and lifted off its lid, revealing a bloody white parakeet, the victim of a cat attack. The man in front of me in line held, in a small cage, a dove that had collided with a glass tower in the financial district. A girl no older than 7 came in behind me clutching, in her bare hands, a white hen with a slumped neck.

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