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Shout Your Abortion is a zine-inspired coffee table book detailing women's experiences with abortion that became popular after a viral online campaign.

How is this campaign and book tackling the stigma surrounding abortions?

Read about the impact of Roe V. Wade.

In 2015, after four decades of attacks on Roe v. Wade, a new wave of the pro-choice movement hit social media. Seattle feminist Amelia Bonow posted her personal abortion story in defense of funding for Planned Parenthood, writer Lindy West reposted it under #ShoutYourAbortion, and a campaign erupted as tens of thousands added their own stories to the collective demand for accessible and affordable abortion.

That phenomenon is now rendered as Shout Your Abortion, a colorful, zine-inspired coffee table book with portraits of a wide variety of people who share their abortion stories. It’s creative and courageous, a counter-narrative to the conservative framing of abortion as shameful and secret. As West writes in the book’s introduction, “one in four people who can become pregnant will have an abortion at some point in their lives.” Abortion is normal, she writes, but beyond that, it is a matter of individual liberty.

“Anti-choice legislation is a form of unconstitutional government intervention that undermines personal freedom. This country is ours just like our bodies are ours. Telling our abortion stories is a form of resistance.”

The collection also includes interviews with abortion providers like Alabama OB-GYN Dr. Yashica Robinson. Whether she helps patients have a child or have an abortion, Robinson aids their emotional and physical health, “helping women celebrate life in either capacity.”

Dr. Yashica Robinson is an OB-GYN with a private practice in Huntsville, Alabama, as well as an abortion care provider at the Alabama Women’s Center.

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