We are witnessing remarkable advancements in Technology. It is a fertile ground for impactful social entrepreneurship, and it represents a unique opportunity for getting inspired to co-create ventures that result both in economic and societal growth. Can Social Entrepreneurs lead the way on Impact Investing and society changes?

I was able to take part in the social and the mobile revolutions with GMI and Yahoo and also as a co-founder and CEO of Jobaline during its first years, where we participated in the reinvention of Human Capital Technologies; helping hundreds of thousands of low-income people back to work.

Having the opportunity to help, through tech innovation, over 250,000 people going back to work, was a pivotal period that took me through a soul-searching journey. The joy of contributing to improving the lives of others was quite addictive; generosity is a powerful feeling."

Most recently, in partnership with Jeff Raikes and the Raikes Foundation, we co-founded GivingCompass.org, organizing the world's information to make it easier to give well. It seems to be the natural next step on this quest for deploying technology for the greater good. This venture was launched under the model of Impact Giving and The Impact Organization provides great insight into that topic in the Magazine

Can we innovate how people get access to food and housing? Cost effective ways to produce food? The way we communicate? How do we define currency? Redefine employment as we move to a matching economy? How we access transportation or delivery of goods and services? How do we make democracies stronger through civic engagement? How can we reinvent education and continuous training in a way that we can create productive members of society who adapt to the speed of change in technology and fight the Phantom of labor substitution? How can technology exponentially increase the positive effect of our generosity and the way we give?...

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