The solar industry has feasted on government subsidies for years — a fact that irks conservatives no end. It has nothing to do with solar energy, per se, and everything to do with the belief that fair competition — not the government — should determine winners and losers in energy markets.

But conservatives now find themselves standing alongside the bulk of the solar industry in a trade case that, if wrongly decided, could distort the subsidy-riddled solar energy market even further.

Here are four reasons why granting tariffs, in this case, would be bad energy and trade policy:

  1. It uses the law to pay Paul by robbing Peter.
  2. It soaks consumers to benefit what is already one of the most grossly over-subsidized industries in the country.
  3. History shows that the tariffs are likely to do more harm than good.
  4. The tariffs are unlikely even to help the few privileged companies they are intended to assist.

The solar industry should compete in energy markets on its own merits. It should be free of government intervention, both taxpayer-backed subsidies and tariffs and other protectionist trade barriers that prevent U.S. companies from being as competitive as possible.

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