I heard that Manoj Bhargava (the inventor of the 5-hour energy drink) is going to give most of his wealth away and he has started finding ways to help the poor. This pleased me. I am also happy that other wealthy people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have similar aspirations.

But then they gave an example of what his nonprofit research group is doing. He told of giving a bicycle powered electricity generator to a widow. After an hour of biking, she now has five hours of electricity so she can stay up to midnight sewing, generate some extra income, and feed her children.

...Simply pushing what we have in the West on poor people may not be the best solution.It’s only a partial solution at best.

Solutions have to be part of a whole complete system that is well thought out. Otherwise, people will often apply them in haphazard ways and make their lives worse in the long run.

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