Giving Compass' Take:

• In this EdSurge podcast, Ruben Harris of Career Karma discusses how he developed his podcast into a startup that is trying to shift the typical perceptions of STEM programs, creating a software that personalizes the tech bootcamp experience and recruits non-traditional students.

• How can we use Harris' efforts as inspiration to expand other STEM initiatives and make sure that students of all backgrounds feel encouraged to enter the field?

• Here's more on how to gradually introduce STEM concepts in a classroom setting.

Some of the earliest and largest coding bootcamp programs shut their doors for good last year. And it left many people wondering if these short term tech training programs are actually worth the investment (for investors and students alike).

One person who’s remained optimistic about the shake ups in the industry is Ruben Harris. Harris is a CEO of Career Karma, which aims to help prospective students navigate the bootcamp market, and he also hosts his own podcast about breaking into the tech industry, called Breaking into Startups.

We spoke to Harris recently about how his company is trying to shift the demographics of the coding bootcamp industry and what that looks like.

Listen to the full podcast about the startup getting non-traditional students into STEM by Sydney Johnson at EdSurge.