Across the United States, current expenditures for public K-12 education rose by over $18 billion during the 2014–15 school year, according to a new report released by the National Center for Education Statistics. That uptick was part of a 5 percent increase since fiscal year 2013, and total expenditures stood at $575 billion overall for the year.

The state of New York spent the most money per pupil: $20,744, more than three times the $6,751 spent in Utah, where expenditures are the lowest.

New York was one of seven states, as well as the District of Columbia ($20,610), that exceeded the national per-pupil average ($11,454) by 40 percent or more. Those states were Alaska ($20,191), Connecticut ($19,020), New Jersey ($18,838), Vermont ($18,769), Massachusetts ($16,566), and Wyoming ($16,047).

Notably, of those eight highest-spending jurisdictions, six were among the 10 highest-rated states for overall school quality in Education Week’s 2017 Quality Counts state-by-state report cards.

Among the lowest-spending states, Nevada ($8,451), Mississippi ($8,445), Idaho ($6,899), Oklahoma ($8,075), Alabama ($9,146), Arizona ($7,590) and Texas ($9,081) ranked 51st, 50th, 48th, 47th, 45th, 44th, and 40th, respectively, in the “Quality Counts” ratings.

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