San Francisco’s rejection of a proposed charter school in one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods was overturned by the state school board Wednesday, clearing the way for the school to open in the fall.

The 11-member state Board of Education voted unanimously, with one abstention, to approve the proposal for a new elementary school submitted by charter standout KIPP, which operates three schools in the city and 12 in the Bay Area.

The new school will serve the Bayview–Hunters Point area, home to “the vast majority” of roughly 150 parents who signed the organization’s petition to open the school, according to KIPP officials.

The state also reversed the denial of a proposed KIPP high school in East San Jose.

In November, the seven-member San Francisco Board of Education determined that KIPP was “demonstrably unlikely” to succeed and noted that KIPP’s other San Francisco schools had higher suspension rates than the district average.

It did vote to renew the charter for KIPP San Francisco College Preparatory, one of the city’s highest-scoring high schools.

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