As part of our “Americans in the UN” project to share the stories of Americans who work for the United Nations, we talked to Eric Husketh, who grew up in rural North Carolina and now works as a human rights officer for the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), including on issues justice and accountability in the aftermath of ISIL’ defeat in Mosul.

The values of the UN are the values of the USA. You might not see it, but the UN really is making your world a better place, solving problems that no country, not even America, could ever tackle alone.

I’ve seen first-hand how UN judicial and human rights processes allow people who have been though horrible things to tell their story and be heard. We can’t always stop bad things from happening, and we can’t always fix afterwards the pain that people have endured. But listening to people and taking them seriously and telling the world about their lives I think makes a profound difference to individuals and their communities.

I’ve often thought of working as a diplomat, but I’m a multilateralist at heart. So at the end of the day, I truly love that my job, by definition, is to act for the greater good of all people, of all countries.

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