Since joining YourCause, I’ve become convinced long-term success in corporate social responsibility (CSR) is achieved by letting employees emulate a kilt-wearing professional wrestler from the 1980’s.

When asked why he never broke character, the late, great WWE Hall of Famer Rowdy Roddy Piper said,

“I can’t make people believe wrestling is real, but I can make sure they know I am.”

Smart companies have learned the best way to become a member of their community is to follow the lead of employees who already are. There is no magic bullet to convince the public a company’s motives are genuine, but with advancements in CSR software, it’s easier than ever for companies to throw their support behind their employees’ passions.

Employee-driven events help create organic bonds between companies and organizations that shape communities, and create a unique sense of empowerment that resonates throughout a company in the form of increased engagement.

Great CSR strategy happens when we recognize the power an individual can have on the direction and perception of an entire company.

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